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Date : October 2016

Steam’s problems with Mods

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Published on: 16/10/2016

Here’s a question all steam users ask: Why do you have to pay to get certain mods? The answer is pretty ridiculous: More unnecessary money. Thus people are getting ripped off. Nexus has its own complications, you have to subscribe to use those mods it provides on the site, and not only that. You have[…]

Problems in gaming #1: DLCs

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Published on: 16/10/2016

Ryuixion here. I’m a new writer for Gamingrev. I hope you enjoy the article. It will be part of a series of articles by me that examines the current problems in gaming. Downloadable content, or more commonly known as DLCs are additional content created for a released video game. They usually come after the game…but[…]

Rimworld: The sad tale of Smelly’s Rest

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Published on: 05/10/2016

I want to tell you a story. A story that unfolded over 10 hours of me playing the indie resource management game RimWorld. I know that the emergent storytelling in this game is something that many have talked about, but my experience was so emotionally involving, so real, that I had to share it. My[…]

Trials Fusion – ft. Coldplay’s “Fix You”

Trials… Ubisoft’s pioneer in 2D dirt biking platformers. An overwhelmingly simple formula injected with some seriously potent supplements through the years – I’ll happily dish out free handshakes to anyone who can identify another game featuring a cat riding a unicorn. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Trials originated as a free to play browser game back when the[…]

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