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Date : June 2011

TES: Skyrim

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Published on: 29/06/2011

For those of you unfamiliar with Bethesda Software’s epic ‘TES’ series and just love to Role Play, please go out now and buy TES Morrowind or TES Oblivion, just be prepared to put in sheer endless hours of gameplay and deprive yourself from hours of sleep, for these game’s are responsible for people getting fired from work[…]

Eve Online Greed Pt2

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Published on: 24/06/2011

Eve Online Greed Part 2 After Days of Heated Threads and CCP staff on a war path with its users, CCPs Arnar Hrafn Gylfason Eve online Senior Producer has published what seems to be tough luck blog to the members of the game. The Grim part of the blog is mostly the idiotic references to[…]

Eve Online Greed

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Published on: 23/06/2011

Welcome to the new world of Eve Online Incarna, finally CCP have deployed their long awaited (partial walking in stations) allowing users to interact with their players off the ships in their own personal quarters so far. Allowing users to have a nice view of their active ships in the hanger with the pod docked[…]

L.A. Noire

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Published on: 21/06/2011

L.A. Noire If there’s one thing Rockstar Games is known for it’s their sandbox crime games. It seems that every year or so they come out with either a new Grand Theft Auto title or something with a similar premise (like Bully or Red Dead Redemption) This year, however, Rockstar seems to be taking a[…]

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