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Date : January 2011

Nintendo 3Ds

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Published on: 29/01/2011

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console Nintendo 3Ds Finally got to try out the latest gadget to soon hit the markets from Nintendo. The anticipated first ever Hand held three-dimensional hand held console to allow gamers to play games in full 3D, now Nintendo haven’t just stopped at the gaming but have also incorporated two cameras on[…]


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Published on: 26/01/2011

    Bulletstorm Release Date: 25/02/2011 EA/EPIC Games From the Creators of Gears of war comes the latest game to hit the shelves soon and unlike gears of war this game will be Multi platform so it will also be available on the playstation 3 as well, so people with the PS3 will also have[…]

Apache Air Assault

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Published on: 11/01/2011

Name: Apache Air Assault Release Date: 19/11/2010 Publisher: Activision I was looking through some games on the shelf and came across this, it looked kind of cool (fly in a Gunship and blow shit up) who wouldn’t like that so thought might as well try this game out and boy was I disappointed in it,[…]

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