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Date : December 2010


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Published on: 11/12/2010

[b]not really game related but might aswell, anyhow if you want to go legit i would suggest using napster (3 months for £10) 15 tracks, unlike spotify £5 a month to stream and £10 to stream to mobile. atleast you get to keep 5 tracks for £5 a month and stream as much as you[…]

Grand Tourismo 5

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Published on: 09/12/2010

  Grand Tourismo 5   As I said as soon as I played this game I would give a Review of the Game, well here it is. Let’s break this up into different sections. History of Grand Tourismo History of Grand Tourismo Grand Tourismo has been around for Years being first launched in 1997 for[…]

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