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Date : June 2010

Bio shock 2

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Published on: 30/06/2010

Bio shock 2 In BioShock 2, the next instalment in the franchise that has won more than 50 Game of the Year Awards and has sold more than 2.5 million units worldwide. Developed by 2K. BioShock 2 features the perfect blend of explosive first person shooter combat, storytelling, multiplayer. Set 10 years after the events[…]

Alpha Protocol

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Published on: 30/06/2010

Alpha Protocol This will be my first bad review ever, the Game stinks, I know it sounds harsh but it’s true, the Game play isn’t that great and for a Espionage game it’s not that great, now when you think about Espionage games you would expect some good controls and movement, after playing for a[…]

Just Cause 2

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Published on: 30/06/2010

Just Cause 2 This Game is great, I don’t normally say this about allot of Games, but Just cause 2 is one game I just can’t put down, it’s a great game to relieve stress as you can just go around blowing stuff up or just fly around blowing stuff up, Just cause is like[…]

Split Second

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Published on: 22/06/2010

Split Second Welcome to another racing game, you see the cover and it’s oh yay it’s another racing game how original, there are shed loads of Racing Games for the 360 and PS3, Well it is another racing game but on steroids, the Graphics is excellent, can’t really complain as the details on the cars[…]

Crackdown 2

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Published on: 21/06/2010

Crackdown 2 Finally a crackdown 2 demo has been released on the Xbox market place (30Min play time), the Game isn’t that impressive from what I have seen in the demo, Crackdown was a great game to play, go around blow shit up and generally have some fun, they did kind of kill the first[…]

Gears of War 3

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Published on: 09/06/2010

News of Gears of War 3 Looks like the franchise continues with Gears of war 3 with the fight for human survival against the Locust continues after the fall of the last refuge falls, (aka the last human city) A review on Gears of war will be posted as soon as possible

red dead redemption

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Published on: 05/06/2010

Red Dead Redemption A quick recap of the Game, you are John Marston, you are a former crook, bank robber, thug, your basic western outlaw out to fend for himself, you have left your life of crime behind to raise your family, only to have them kidnapped by the authorities to send you on their[…]

Forum is Back Online

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Published on: 02/06/2010 the forum is back online and users are able to connect by facebook and twitter

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